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Our Process


Product Design Innovation ResearchDesigning solutions that meet user needs require a research process that identifies key insights and create a user-focused and personalized design strategy.

Product Design Discovery Journey

Six step process utilized to gain key insights that drive product development and innovative design solutions.

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Ethnographic Research

The study of people and their cultures. Involves observations and interactions with people in their environment.

Capturing Observations

The process of recording observations gathered in ethnographic research that respond to the following: "I saw…" and "I heard…"

Identifying Themes

Categorizing the different observations into specific themes to identify a potential opportunity to design around.

Insight Development

Write out insights including the key consumer needs to be expressed as a problem worth solving.

Evaluate Insights

Evaluate the insights in a consumer survey to identify the key opportunities to design around.


Problem-solving techniques that involve the spontaneous contribution of ideas from a focus group of team members.

Industrial Design Competitive Analysis

Determining the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors to develop strategies that give you a distinct advantage.

Product Design Market Research

The process of gathering and interpreting market analysis regarding a product or service including crucial characteristics of your target market.

Unique Selling Proposition

The factors presented by a seller as to why a product or service is different from and better than their competition.


Product and Industrial DesignMarket success and user loyalty come from product solutions with exceptional functionality and intuitive usability. We create user-centered designs focused on brand enhancement.

Product and Industrial Design

The creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas.

Form Development

Taking a concept/idea and implementing the visual brand language.

Prototyping Design

Models that connect to and inspire an audience and that can be iteratively consumer tested.

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Design (Proof of Concept) Model

A model preceding a sketch using materials and techniques allowing for easy design revisions. This model emphasizes the product’s defining features, demonstrating its core functionality.

Appearance (Looks-Like) Model

A high-level presentation model that showcases not only the form but the colors, materials, and finishes.

Functional (Works-Like) Model

A working model that demonstrates full product functionally but may not reflect the final appearance.

Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Statistical and behavioral research used to reveal the range of user behaviors.


DevelopTransforming concepts into functional solutions that meet users' needs while connecting with your end users' emotions fuel our designers' engineering and prototyping development strategies.

CAD Development

3D development to increase productivity, aid in the creation of a product, improve the quality of design, provide form and function communication, and create a database for manufacturing and product analysis.


Troubleshooting and solving functional, manufacturing, and structural issues.

Engineering Pilot Review

Work with the manufacturer evaluating and reviewing final product samples to develop the best product possible.

Quality Control

Identifying detailed safety requirements, foreseeable uses, and other aspects of quality control.


LaunchReal-life manufacturable design solutions as a result of exhaustive research and iterative development. We can see you through every phase of deployment, from marketing to post-launch evaluation.

Sales/Marketing Pitch

Internal presentations and video stories that Sales and Marketing teams use to 'sell in' a product to a customer.

POS Displays

A specialized form of sales promotion to increase sales at the point-of-sale.

Package Design

Creating a container that emotionally connects with users and withstands quality testing.

Project Audit

A process for learning and evaluating the success, or failure, of a project’s ability to meet business goals.