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Product Design Innovation

Product Design InnovationWe analyze relevant insights and formulate a strategy building your product portfolio, brand, and operation. By defining key attributes to include in your portfolio and by establishing a balanced product roadmap to drive future success, we create a design approach that is unique to each client and each project.

Product Design ResearchWe identify critical insights that support the strategic design and development of breakthrough products. Our team identifies opportunities for assessing user needs, competitive landscapes, technologies, trends, and materials. Our research uncovers what people do, need, and want. Read more

It also reveals people's perceptions and expectations. Understanding your user allows innovation to meet needs while addressing opportunity areas and gaining a competitive edge. Our approach centers on ethnographic research to learn about the connection between people, products, and their experiences.
In a process we call Discovery Journey, ethnographic research clarifies complex human needs, behaviors, and perspectives. At BOOM Designs, we take the research to the next level and identify key insights that drive product development and innovation.

Product Design VisualizationThe first step in transforming ideas into products is to create a visual representation. We bring concepts to life through hand sketching, digital sketching, and 2D/3D renderings. Whether your goal is to communicate a design, build internal or customer excitement around a solution, or generate new ideas, BOOM makes it visual.

Product Design PrototypingPrototypes serve as a tangible representation of your product. They demonstrate the functionality and technology of your concept. The main types of prototypes include Proof of Concept Model, Appearance Model, and Sales Model. Read more

These models connect to and inspire your audience, validate the core function, prove your product system as a whole, and engage retailers with a polished final product.

Product Design EngineeringOnce the design of a product is crystallized, manufacturing presents challenges. Bringing together the various entities to achieve mass production requires established relationships and constant negotiation. Not to mention quality control, logistics, and cost. Read more

At Boom Designs, we utilize design for manufacturing techniques to make the physical aspects of manufacturing as simple as possible. We do this while considering cost reductions, product performance optimization, and the potential increase in quality. We also negotiate with new contract manufacturers to complement our established relationships helping secure the best possible outcome for your product.
We deliver functional products that are manufactured intuitively and are cost-effective.

Graphic DesignHigh-quality graphic design enriches a visual communication experience by providing clarity to your purpose and bringing more emotion to your messaging. As a result and to stay competitive in the marketplace, great graphic work demands more attention calls for expertise in design thinking and provides more credibility. Read more

Companies that incorporate design into their business have become leaders. We take the time to understand your history, audience, objectives, competitors, and market so we can generate the best graphic content that promotes active engagement.