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From concept, to design, to engineering, to launch, BOOM Designs of Chicago creates comprehensive industrial and product design solutions unique to your product. We believe that architecting a sound, well-researched design strategy is what brings products to market efficiently and determines their success.

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Chicago has a rich, iconic, colorful tradition in the design world dating from the early nineteenth century. Chicago's impact as the center of architecture, product design, advertising, graphic design, printing, manufacturing, and publishing thrived all for the same reasons: the city was and is the center of the nation's air, rail, water, and road transportation. (read more)

Being the hub of these transportation systems provided Chicago with low cost solutions to receiving raw goods and shipping finished products worldwide. Another factor that contributed to pioneering Chicago's design culture was the city's abundant labor supply making it competitive for Chicago to lead in manufacturing everyday products.

Because of these factors, Chicago designers have left a lasting impact on the design industry, and Chicago design firms continue to build upon that historic legacy every day. Since the 1930s, Chicago's successful manufacturers and merchandisers have provided rich opportunities for designers. Design firms employed illustrators to draw product presentations and sculptors to model product forms, thriving art schools began to include product design in their curricula. A typical career path for the first generation of Chicago product designers might have included a job at the 1933 World's Fair, then employment at Sears, Roebuck or Montgomery Ward, followed by work at a consultancy or for a leading manufacturer.

Throughout the twentieth century, Chicago was home to many leading manufacturers. In the toy industry, Chicago was an innovative leader, becoming the birthplace to many popular toys like Lincoln Logs and Tinkertoys to the iconic Radio Flyer red wagons and Beanie Babies. The Windy City was home to Schwinn Bicycle Company which became the dominant manufacturer of American bicycles through most of the 20th century. It was where Ivar Jepson, chief designer at Sunbeam, developed hundreds of household appliances such as mixers and toasters which became emblems in American kitchens. At Motorola, Herbert Zeller designed radios and televisions. His successor and director of design, Rudolph Krolopp, designed mobile phones and communications systems changing how people communicate throughout the world today. The list of historic design companies and designers goes on and on and the impact they have had on the product design world and everyday consumers is everlasting.

At BOOM Designs, we like to learn from the rich design history in Chicago and use this to develop iconic products that will leave the same positive experience on the end user as the first generation of designers achieved. Just like design consultancies did in the early 1900's, BOOM Designs established its roots in Chicago and continues to grow, working with many of the iconic companies with rich design history. We collaborate with our clients and become integral members of their team. At BOOM Designs, we get joy out of seeing a client's product succeed in the marketplace, and we strive to innovate with you so you can thrive like the Chicago companies did back in the early nineteenth century. We would love the opportunity to collaborate with your team and share not only part of the rich design history we have learned about Chicago over our tenure, but create new history with you that will forever change the world and make a positive impact on Chicago and the world.