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Why Use Computer-Aided Design Software (CAD)?

Many modeling software programs leave something to be desired, but we’ve found a powerful 2D and 3D design ally in SOLIDWORKS. An essential part of quickly getting your designs into production is using a powerful program that allows you to bring them to life.

SOLIDWORKS software covers the entire design process, start to finish, and covers everything from design and validation all the way to technical communications and data management. Using an all-in-one solution like this allows you to focus on innovation and cut costs.That’s why we love it.

However, there are quite a few other reasons why CAD software, like SOLIDWORKS, is not just a “nice to have” but a “need to have” when preparing to get your product to production.

accuracyYou Need an Accurate Design

AccuracyWe all know that the design process doesn’t end after the first rendering. The ability to update and make any changes you need on-the-fly is critical to achieving a successful final product. By using software like SolidWorks, you can update any of your specs from dimensions to new values with 100% accuracy. You can do this by working through your construction in the FeatureManager Design Tree which provides an outline of the active part, assembly, or drawing.

FeatureManager Design Tree makes it easy to see how the model or assembly was constructed and enables a user to modify those steps in the construction at any point in the design process to improve the overall function, aesthetic, or design for manufacturing.

Not only can you update the standard design, but many references such as the associated bill of materials is also refreshed in real time, keeping communication within a cross-functional team up-to-date on design changes, part breakdown, material choices, etc.

fastGet to Work Quickly

Integrated and focused industry tools make sure that your design is accurate according to each discipline. SOLIDWORKS makes your design more precise by providing specific tools for sheet metal, surfacing, weldments, mold and dye design and routed systems.

You’ll even have access to a portal called MySolidWorks where you can connect with other users, take ecourses, get answers to your questions, and more.

testTest Your Design

product designSOLIDWORKS software can boost product innovation, efficiently evaluate performance, and improve the overall design with SOLIDWORKS Simulation packages.

In SOLIDWORKS Simulation, you can set up ‘real-world’ environments to test durability, static and dynamic response, assembly motion, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, and plastic injection molding.

By doing this, you can ensure that you’re working with the best design before you build the actual prototype. You can discover if you need to reduce weight, use fewer materials or take other cost-saving measures.

innovation styleSOLIDWORKS Supports BOOM’s Innovation Process

At BOOM Designs, we use a proven innovation process – Research, Design, Develop and Launch. Each step is vitally important and lays the foundation for the success of the next step.

The Research phase is very formative for your product, it is a crucial, but not yet tangible representation of what the final design for your product could be. Once your product makes it to the Design and Development stages, that’s where the proverbial rubber meets the road.

SOLIDWORKS supports the Design and Development stages in BOOM’s Innovation Process. It helps turn an idea into a realistic visual representation and a tangible working model.

SOLIDWORKS CAD 3D development capabilities are powerful enough to move your product from a simple sketch to a physical object that prepares you for the moment you’ve been waiting for… Launch.

recommendedWhy We Use SolidWorks, and You Should Too

What we love about SOLIDWORKS is that it’s powerful enough to save us time and resources while designing a better product and launching it into production quickly.Click To Tweet

Using SOLIDWORKS will help you quickly become a proficient 2D or 3D modeler and frees you up to spend more time innovating.

Before you move on to the design phase, make sure to check out what SOLIDWORKS has to offer. Using all of the functionality that’s available within the SOLIDWORKS can provide your organization with the competitive advantage it needs before you move into the manufacturing stage.

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